Community Centric Crowdfunding

How to Communicate Innovative Ideas Into Funding Realities

Whether you have an idea for a school, non-profit organization or for-profit small business, a huge challenge is simply raising the capital to logistically launch such an endeavor. Creating the right communication to attract local investors is half the battle.

For InterCom’s next luncheon on Feb. 13, Thell Woods, founder and chairman of Crowdfunding Services, LLC, will discuss how to turn such dreams into realities by connecting you with a community of individuals willing to invest in such a dream. Thell will be joined by partner John Flick, providing the technical communications angle.

Crowdfunding Services LLC creates sites specific to a community or region, providing community-centric awareness to local projects looking to raise funds. Such strategies, combined with social media, give individuals the opportunity to directly support their community. (More info and reservations on the Event Page)