About Intercom

About Intercom

InterCom is an association of professional communicators, based in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Founded in 1989, InterCom is a private non-profit organization.  The goals of the association are: 1) to provide for the professional growth of the members, 2) to promote the highest ethical and technical standards of practice, 3) to promote a diverse membership by actively seeking to involve those employed in or interested in any aspect of professional communication and by maintaining dues and fees that are affordable and foster accessibility for all who are interested.

InterCom is a local association.  It is not affiliated with any national organization, and that has real advantages.  InterCom has the flexibility and freedom to offer whatever services its members want and are willing to support.  Members have ready access to all services because they are provided locally.  Every dollar paid in dues to InterCom goes directly to provide services to the members.

InterCom was founded to assist in the professional development of its members.  A program on a current topic in the communication profession is offered at each of InterCom’s luncheons, held monthly throughout the year.  The luncheons are informal with individual lunch payments.  For the last few years, our meetings have been in small groups, but offering festive and lively discussions.  In addition to this web site, members are emailed regarding all upcoming lunch programs and job opportunities. 

InterCom Board of Directors 2013-2014

Gretchen Johnson,  President
Curtis Cunningham, Trustee/Treasurer
Lauri Wingle, Secretary
Tom Chmielewski
Anders Dahlberg
Candice Elders
Sandra Hillring
Stephen Trivers
Jan Underhill


Contact: Gretchen Johnson